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New guidance on requalification and refresher courses

Refresher courses are now known as Requalification courses.

Your First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate is maintained by completing our two day First Aid at Work Requalification course before the expiry date of the current certificate.

The Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification is maintained by attending another one day EFAW course before the expiry date of the current certificate.

Certificates for all courses are valid for 3 years.

Most employers recognise that skills fade over time and send their emplyees on annual refresher training.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) now strongly recommend that people who complete both the First Aid at Work and the Emergency First Aid at Work courses attend a 3 hour annual refresher training course at the end of both the first and second year of the qualification in order to refresh their skills.

Requalification table

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can a first aider undertake FAW requalification training before the three month period prior to their certificate expiry date?

A Employers can send their first aiders on FAW requalification courses more frequently than once every three years. In such circumstances, the FAW certificate should be dated from the day the course has been successfully completed and should be valid for three years from that date.

Q Can an individual attend an FAW requalification course if their FAW certificate has expired?

A A first aider can attend an FAW requalification course up to three months before the expiry date on their certificate. Where this has not been possible, HSE will allow an extension of the certificate for 28 days beyond the expiry date, and the requalification course should be completed within this time.

There is no need to contact HSE to request the extension. Any first aider who is unable to complete the requalification course up to a maximum of 28 days after the expiry date, will be required to retake the full FAW course. Anyone requalifying within the period of certificate extension should have their new certificate dated from the expiry date of the previous one.

Download Requalification and Guidance Table